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Presenting i-Italy at the NIAF Gala Weekend in Washington, DC: A Multimedia Network for the Italian Community in America

i-Italy (October 09, 2016)
i-Italy will be presenting its recent and future projects in a conference session at the 41st Annual meeting of the National Italian American Foundation. Host: John M. Viola; Moderator: John D. Calvelli; Panelists: Patricia DeStacy Harrison, Linda Carlozzi, Aileen Riotto Sirey. Join us on Saturday, October 15 @ 11:30am at the Washington Marriot Wardman Park Hotel.

The news and entertainment network i-Italy presents its story and future plans. Founded in New York 8 years ago, i-Italy has grown to become the largest multi-media network in English language dedicated to Italian and Italian American affairs. It embraces a web platform, a print magazine, and a weekly TV show. 

The presentation will include our latest video projects. 

(1) In “Grandparents and Grandchildren in Italian America,” the younger generation sits down with the older for an intimate conversation revealing the powerful bonds between the two. Narrated firsthand by the protagonists, the project tells their stories in an ongoing conversation that touches on central issues concerning the Italian identity in America.

The first series of conversations features:
- Matilda Cuomo and Amanda Cole
- Joseph Tusiani and Paula Tusiani
- John P. Calvelli and John D. Calvelli
- Rosaria Liuzzo and Mara Sparacino
- Aileen Riotto Sirey and Emma Bankier

The project is co-produced with ANFE (Associazione Nazionale Famiglie degli Emigranti) and is supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Direzione Generale per gli italiani all’estero e le politiche migratorie.

(2) “Italian Leadership in America” presents a series of in-depth interviews with prominent leaders of Italian extraction in Washington, DC. Co-produced with NIAF, the series shows how much the Italian-American community has achieved, in so many different halls of power, in the nations’ capital. It also highlights that even the most accomplished Italian Americans are willing to share their Italian stories and acknowledge that their heritage is at the core of who they are.

The first series of interviews features:

- Samuel Anthony Alito, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
of the United States.

- Patricia de Stacy Harrison, President and chief executive officer of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Vice Chair of the NIAF Board of Directors

- Anthony Stephen Fauci, Medical scientist and immunologist. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

- Anita Bevacqua McBride, Executive-in-Residence at the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies in the School of Public Affairs at American University in Washington, DC.

- Luigi Diotaiuti, Award-winning chef-restaurateur. Founder of Al Tiramisu Restaurant in Washington, DC. Member of the State Department’s American Chef Corps.

- Mario W. Cardullo, Engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. Received the first patent for a passive, read-write Radio-frequency identification tag.

* This event is FREE and open to the public, but seating is limited; for more information, please call Stephanie Gordon at (202) 939-3107
or visit http://www.niaf.org/events/niaf-41st-anniversary-gala/niaf-41st-weekend-schedule/





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