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From DailyNews. An Italian real estate investor has sealed the deal to buy a majority stake in the Flatiron Building in a quest to turn the landmark into a world-class hotel. The Rome-based Sorgente Group has bought just over 50% of the iconic structure and plans to keep buying more. (Read the article by Jason Sheftell)

From Herald Tribune. From her first appearance in a graphic black and white swimsuit, Barbie has always had fashion sense. And over the years her tastes have grown to appreciate more designer fare.  Barbie has been dressed by more than 70 designers, including Giorgio Armani, Christian Lacroix, Benetton,  Burberry, Versace and Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier. For her 50th birthday Mattel decided to highlight Barbie's connection to fashion and push the brand even further into the world of luxury and high-end design with a series of events and partnerships. (Read the article by Jessica Michault)

From The New York Times.  DETROIT. Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s vice president for design, enthusiastically welcomed the carmaker’s  new partner  Fiat, while giving a speech Wednesday night. He inserted images of the Italian flag into his PowerPoint presentation several times and declared himself a longtime admirer of Fiat’s Alfa Romeo and Ferrari brands.
“It’s a good thing I love Italian food,” he said. (Read the article by Nick Bunkely)

The SACI Gallery is proud to present the photo exhibition Garaguso, il mio paese in Basilicata by Italian-American photographer Susanna Lucia Lamaina. She has been photographing her family village for the last eight years. (Read the press release on SACI's website)

From The New York Times "Joseph L. Bruno, the former State Senate majority leader, was indicted on Friday in Albany on charges that he reaped millions of dollars from companies seeking business from the state or from labor unions, capping a long-running investigation into one of New York’s most powerful political figures." (Read the article by Mike McIntire and Jeremy W. Peters)

From America Oggi, "Ma l'arrivo alla Casa Bianca del figlio di un africano 'che solo 60 anni fa non sarebbe stato servito in un ristorante di Washington', segnala ancora una volta che il futuro della potenza americana non si può calcolare solo con freddi dati statistici.' (Read the article by Stefano Vaccara - In Italian)

From the New York Times. "Your college roommate is on Facebook. So are your cousins and colleagues and friends. But guess who else may find Facebook a great way to stay in touch? (...) In recent weeks, the Italian authorities have begun investigating Facebook discussion groups devoted to convicted Mafiosi, concerned that some members might be more than fans. At the same time, a campaign calling on Facebook to remove pro-Mafia pages has been gaining momentum, while thousands of Facebook members have joined new anti-Mafia groups." (Read the article by Rachel Donadio).

From America Oggi. Editoriale "La speranza del futuro" by Andrea Mantineo. 

" Per l'America e il mondo è una giornata storica. Questa frase, detta e ripetuta ormai milioni di volte, è tuttavia l'unica a dare un'immagine precisa dell'importanza dell'insediamento di Barack Obama alla Casa Bianca." (Read the article by Andrea Mantineo - In Italian)

From America Oggi.  Italy's Ambassador in Washington Giovanni Castelleneta urged the Italian-American community to join forces to save the Advanced Placement Italian exam, due to end this year for lack of students and funds. Writing in the renowned Italian language daily America Oggi, the Ambassador underlined that Italian is one of the most studied languages in the U.S. Over 120.000 students take Italian courses in schools, and 80.000 study Italian in colleges -- a 60 percent increase in the past 10 years.  (Read the article by Giovanni Castellaneta; in Italian.)

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"Language is a marker of identity. It is a political and social instrument that serves as the “glue” that binds groups and communities together. There are communities in the United States that are visibly bonded by language much more than others."

The suspected head of a murder squad run by the Camorra clan denounced in Roberto Saviano's global bestseller Gomorrah was caught Wednesday, two days after he dodged arrest by crawling through sewers, police said.

(Read the article from ANSA)