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A Long-Standing Love for Italy

Emily Dellheim (March 23, 2016)
It is important to believe in destiny and it is important to have mentors and heroes that provide an example of living the best version of yourself. I say this based on the important role that Jhumpa Lahiri’s latest book, "In Altre Parole", has in my own story of moving from New York to Rome.

I say this in relation to my belief that being open to signs and serendipities aides in self-actualization, and speaks to the importance of paying attention to people you admire that can help you recognize qualities you want to cultivate within yourself.

Like Lahiri, I have a long-standing love for Italy, the Italian language and Italian culture. Ever since visiting Europe for the first time at age 13, when my German emigrant grandfather took me on a “roots tour,” it became my dream to one day live in Italy. However, despite my enduring appreciation for all things Italian, my acquisition of the Italian language has always been a tenacious struggle.